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High Speed Rail Alignment: a Possible New (4th) Option

At the August 1st GGS meeting, Connie gave an update on the status of the High Speed Rail (HSR) alignment decision from the City and the HSR Authority. She received an email from David Bischoff, the city of Gilroy planner in charge of the HSR issue. He stated that the city staff had met with HSR staff a few weeks ago to discuss the feasibility of a different (4th option) alignment adjacent to Hwy. 101 and 10th Street. HSR was scheduled to report back to staff on Wednesday, August 2 with their findings. Previously, 3 options for HSR included:: 1) Viaduct to Downtown Gilroy, 2) Embankment to downtown Gilroy and 3) East Gilroy. 

"G-Town: The County's Fastest Growing City"

Here’s a link to a Gilroy Dispatch article from June 30th which discusses Gilroy’s 2.1% growth in the past year. This is a large part of the reason why Gilroy Growing Smarter submitted Measure H to the voters and why it passed with 2/3 of the vote: G-Town: The County's Fastest Growing City.