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Status Of Downtown Revitalization and Economic Development

In early February, members Linda West and Carol Marques, met with the mayor, city administrator and all council members individually to discuss six action items that GGS wanted to see accomplished. We cannot take full credit for these action items as the GDBA (Gilroy Downtown Business Association) is responsible for many of these ideas. The City Council, at their annual strategic planning session this past February, addressed our concerns and set goals listed at the end of this news article read more...

Community Workshop Guiding the Next 20 Years of Growth--POSTPONED

STAY TUNED FOR A RESCHEDULED DATE (not April 26). The City of Gilroy will hold a community workshop to present the results of the 2040 General Plan’s Alternatives Report. This report has studied three different growth scenarios that would be allowed for Gilroy in the next 20 years within Measure H’s Urban Growth Boundary. At the workshop community members will have the opportunity to select the one they would prefer. This is where we need your assistance, supporter of GGS! With a stronger presence at this meeting, we can make it known by all, that we are not interested in seeing developers build a sea of dense housing throughout the valley. The results of this workshop will be presented to the General Plan Advisory Committee at their May 24, 2018 meeting.

Read more about the Vision for the Next 20 Years of Growth in Gilroy in a letter from Joey Weitz, GPAC member and GGS representative.

GGS Letter to CA High Speed Rail Supporting Downtown Station 

Dear CHSR Board Members, We are writing you to express our support for the downtown viaduct alignment for the Gilroy High Speed Rail Station. We are an active citizens group that put a successful Initiative on the November 2016 ballot to draw an Urban Growth Boundary around Gilroy. Our purpose was to preserve prime agricultural land, focus development inward and promote the revitalization of our historic downtown core. We strongly feel that compact development will benefit the City of Gilroy in many ways and that having the High Speed Rail station downtown (adjacent to our historic Caltrain depot and multi-modal transportation hub) will stimulate economic development in Gilroy through Transit Oriented Development. Read more...

Gilroy: the South Bay's Napa, or Anaheim?

Here’s a link to a Los Angeles Times article from Sept 24th 2017 which discusses the Anaheim-Disney relationship. Gilroy, pay attention, as we look to expand tourism. Don't let big business exploit the Garlic City.
Is Disney paying its share in Anaheim? The money battle outside the Happiest Place on Earth.

"G-Town: The County's Fastest Growing City"

Here’s a link to a Gilroy Dispatch article from June 30th 2017 which discusses Gilroy’s 2.1% growth in the past year. This is a large part of the reason why Gilroy Growing Smarter submitted Measure H to the voters and why it passed with 2/3 of the vote: G-Town: The County's Fastest Growing City.

ACTION ALERT for Supporters of Gilroy Growing Smarter

Please plan to attend the City Council meeting on Monday, July 2nd 2018 at 6 PM at 7351 Rosanna Street.
The Agenda will include what could be the final hearing on AS 17-02, the 6 acre Agri-tourism parcel directly across from Gilroy Golf Course off Hecker Pass. This is called an Architecture and Site Review, and is the appropriate time to modify the design.

 THIS LONG STRIP-MALL CONFIGURATION WITH 2 1 7 Parking SPACES, AND 22 APARTMENTS ON THE 2ND FLOOR DOES NOT FOLLOW THE VISION OUTLINED IN THE HECKER PASS SPECIFIC PLAN, and may set an ugly precedent for shopping centers built up along the bucolic Hecker Pass regioN.

THIS LONG STRIP-MALL CONFIGURATION WITH 2 1 7 Parking SPACES, AND 22 APARTMENTS ON THE 2ND FLOOR DOES NOT FOLLOW THE VISION OUTLINED IN THE HECKER PASS SPECIFIC PLAN, and may set an ugly precedent for shopping centers built up along the bucolic Hecker Pass regioN.

A few of us have been meeting individually with Council Members and trying to educate them on the issues. We have heard  that the proposal may already have four of seven votes and know it will be an uphill battle to send this project back to the drawing boards. We feel the only way to get the votes to modify this proposal is to fill up the Council Chambers. We need your help!

There were several important details about the Agri-tourism parcel that were not addressed at the time the Hecker Pass Specific Plan was created. Here are the main issues:

1. Several elements of the Design Chapter are not followed:
    a. Two large two story buildings are parallel to Hwy 152 and may block views.
    b. Buildings are not clustered. They are in a strip mall alignment.    
    c. The 217 parking spaces dominate the parcel in one huge lot.
    d. The buildings have corrugated metal  and wood siding, not high quality as befits a destination.
2. Although the HPSP calls for ZERO residential uses in any of the ag parcels, the proposal includes 22 “live/work” rental units.
3. The City has no definition for “live/work” units.
4. There are no commercial tenants for this project, it is being built on speculation.
5. Access to the tourism parcels. None so far from Hwy 152, only through the newest Third St. roundabout and the small 28’ wide Lone Oak residential street.
6. This project will set the standard for the other two agri-tourism parcels. Because it is precedent setting we should be very careful about the design and uses.
7. Lack of coordination/collaboration between the three ag-tourism parcels, as called for in the HPSP.
8. A boutique hotel or bed and breakfast would bring in needed Transient Occupancy Tax to the City.  
22 apartments are inappropriate for tourism and are a financial burden to the City.

We are urging the City Council to send this project back to the drawing board to get prospective uses first, then design a smaller project around those tenants! A new design should eliminate the two story apartments, scale down the size and plan a better access road. If you agree, please come to the Council Meeting and voice your opinion.