GGS Letter to City Council Expressing Preference for the Downtown Elevated Alignment for High Speed Rail

Mayor and Council Gilroy City Hall
7351 Rosanna St.
Gilroy, CA 95020

Honorable Mayor and Council Members,

For months there has been controversy swirling around the potential advent of High Speed Rail in our community.  Many people wish it would not come at all.  Others have been hoping for more details about how it will affect Gilroy, which have been lacking until recently.  Thank you for requesting the evaluation of the three alignment options from the standpoint of land use, environment and economic impacts that you received at your May 15th meeting.

At our May 23rd meeting more than a dozen members of Gilroy Growing Smarter met to consider this issue.  After much discussion, we voted nearly unanimously to support the downtown viaduct (aerial) alternative for Gilroy’s High Speed Rail alignment.  We reached this conclusion primarily from the information contained in the May 15th report.  This alternative best supports the objectives of Measure H: preserving farmland and stimulating economic activity downtown.  We felt it was important to take the long term view, knowing that the construction period would be difficult, but that the expected result would generate increased demand for office space, retail uses and housing within walking distance of the station.  We felt strongly that the viaduct alternative would be the least disruptive and most beneficial choice.

Is this choice perfect?  Of course not!  Nothing in life is without tradeoffs. But the downtown viaduct option has the potential of bringing not just passengers, but additional businesses to Gilroy.  We are fortunate to be chosen as one of the nine station locations.  Please vote in favor of the downtown viaduct alignment.  We ask also that you get involved in the implementation measures to protect our community. This would include mitigation of construction impacts, compensation for properties affected and many other issues.  

Connie Rogers, Chair
Gilroy Growing Smarter