GGS General Meeting Minutes from March 6, 2018

Called to order at 7:05 with introductions
January Minutes Approved- motion by Walt Glines and seconded by Steve Seebart
Treasurer’s Report: Paid in February - $20 and $96 once a year fee for the Squarespace. $50 annual fee to the state for FPPC number

Discussion -
How should we pay for the fee for the library meeting room?

Ask for donations online, publicity as in a letter to the Dispatch, NextDoor or Facebook. Chrys Diskowski will put the “Donate” icon back on the GGS website.


High Speed Rail: 
Carolyn and Connie shared the GGS letter as well as the one written by the Committee for Green Foothills and Greenbelt Alliance to the HSR Authority Board in support of the downtown alignment.

Agri-tourism parcel on Hecker Pass: -
Concerns:  traffic design, building design, and mixed use with 22 apartment units. On March 14 at 6:00 p.m. at Rosie Sanborn’s house on Lone Oak there will be a meeting with the developer to air neighborhood concerns and ask questions.

Carol led the discussion about why more businesses are not moving into downtown- the answer is that the planning department is not user friendly. They found out that there is 90 -day turnaround and other requirements after initial steps are completed.

Carol and Linda met with Gabe, other city officials and council members individually and gave them the following suggestions: 

There needs to be a checklist for new business owners, City Priorities from retreat: revenue= taxes-propose a ¼ percent sales tax increase, downtown revitalization, staff more user friendly, require building owners to not let the building go to disarray (the city already has 5D ordinance to prevent this), support GBDA, examples of strong economic development, address homeless concerns.

Carol and Linda will be checking back In with them in six months to see what progress has been made.

Have Carol/Linda write an article about the Downtown and thank the Council for choosing the downtown and making the City more user-friendly to people wanting to start businesses downtown.


Measure H Challenges and Misconceptions: 
Gary Gilmore wants to make a third attempt to build 250 homes behind Gilroy Golf Course- he spoke to Carolyn to see if Gilroy residents would support this through ballot measure- we have to be vigilant and speak out before it gains momentum- council could put on ballot without signatures.

What we can do: * inform the public about the benefits of Measure H

*Hold an event to show people land that is in question so they see the value in protecting it- try to hold in June.

Superintendent Flores wrote a letter to council stating that she is limited to land for schools due to Measure H and also HSR taking out the Charter School with downtown alignment. Connie submitted a letter to the Superintendent and the GUSD School Board telling them that Measure H makes exceptions for schools and public facilities like parks.

Report on Council Planning Session - 
City Priorities from retreat: revenue= taxes- ¼ percent increase, downtown revitalization, staff more user friendly.

City Administrator posts a monthly “tidbits”(info about city) that everyone should request to receive.

Council is contemplating a new ordinance that requires an arborist’s opinion and city permit to cut down large trees on private property.

Machado Property on Pacheco Pass is not being developed as it will trigger the developer to pay for widening of Tenth Street Bridge that crosses Hwy 101.

Great Wolf might not have gone away- another location might be being discussed in closed session. Great Wolf submitted an incentive proposal to the City of Manteca in December.

Next GPAC meeting March 22 at 6:00 at the police station- Public workshop the last Thursday in April (26th).

Historical Heritage Committee: Red Barn approved to be historic structure – HCC defining processes with city to be more involved in decisions- HCC can support grants or anything associated with historical items.

Next meeting May 8, 2018

Meeting Adjourned at 8:53

Respectfully Submitted by Dana Wolfe