GGS Meeting Minutes from August 20, 2019

Called to order at 7:06 at the Gilroy Police Dept.

Previous Meeting Minutes posted online.


Carolyn: Treasurer’s Report-filed the 990 with federal government and the FPPC form with the city.


20/40 General Plan

General Plan meeting Thursday, August 22, 2019

At the public meetings held July 22 & 23, the results were preference for higher density, however views might differ depending on where residents live.

Public chose a hybrid option (created by the public through mix and match of the options) rather than a specific option that was offered.

This general plan is important due to state laws that are coming down in regards to zoning and housing elements.

Current Housing Element Numbers assigned to Gilroy:

Very low 156, Moderate 210, Above Moderate 475, (we have built 1,260),
Low 160, (we have built 480)
Total: 1,088 assigned

All General Plan alternatives A, B, and C would accommodate the numbers required.

Discussion of recommendations

Those attending tonight’s meeting agreed with the public opinion to create a hybrid alternative which includes the following:  the high density option for Neighborhood District North and South because it is preferred over single-family housing as that encourages urban sprawl; there is also a cultural shift to people choosing to live in higher density housing so as to not have the responsibility of caring for a larger single family home with a big yard. And it provides a wider range of housing types and more affordable choices.

We are for low density around First Street as we are concerned about high rises on First Street and the lots on First Street are very narrow which limits options.

 For Downtown we chose to continue with downtown station plan.

Northeast Gilroy- Employment center was preferred.

2020 City Council Election: We will wait and see who will be running, as it is still early.


Mail Chimp Notices: Carolyn will be the backup to Sandie. Steve is willing to help out as well with newsletters.

Gilroy Gardens:  Board has commissioned a study about zip line with chair lift, restaurant on top, biking trail, a base station, small parking lot to the west of Gilroy Gardens, but still on property with a separate admission

Concerns: 1) traffic,  2) if it fails the possibility of leaving an eyesore, 3) doesn’t bring in a lot of money right away nor is it a revenue generator for Gilroy Gardens. 


Planning Commission: City wants to not allow more RV Parks due to people without homes using them as long term housing:  Planning Commission said no to that proposal to avoid RV’s on the streets and to give people an option for housing

If you convert your garage to a living space then you have to have room for parking:  city doesn’t want people to park on the street: planning commission said no as they want people to be able to provide housing.

Historic Heritage Committee: Meeting in September- Will be presenting to city council on October 21

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.